Client Confidence

The bedrock principle of Kock Financial is trust. Our clients can be confident knowing that Kock Financial will only do what is in the best interest of each individual investor/client.

Operating as an independent advisor, Kock Financial is not beholden to any corporate structure or products. Clients are then presented a variety of suitable available investment options. In other words, Kock Financial will always endeavor to bring a variety of market opportunities to its clients.

Protection of downside
Kock Financial actively monitors our clients' portfolios to help ensure that proper risk tolerances are maintained and that the downside of investments is lessened and managed appropriately.

Fee structure tailored to the client
A fee structure is tailored to satisfy each client's needs with a complete understanding of all transactions costs.

An advising process, not a sales process
Kock Financial believes strongly in advocating for each of our clients. And because we're objective and independent, the working relationship with each client is advisory in nature. Our clients will never encounter pushy sales techniques.

Tailor plans to client needs
Kock Financial believes that one size does not fit all and that each individual client will have an investment plan tailored to his or her specific needs and risk tolerances

Consistency of investment success
Although Kock Financial will offer clients a wide variety of the investment market, our expertise is identifying those investment opportunities with a proven pattern of success.

Marriage versus dates
We will always strive to maintain a long-term relationship. Kock Financial is not interested in one-time, quick fixes but an advisor-client relationship that is successful over a lifetime.